Hallowe’en 2011

The HDC, LB (Hudson’s Dirt Cheap,Long Beach) has a killer gorilla suit! Meaning, it’s like an awesome suit that looks EXACTLY like a regular gorilla (just like the “real” ones they used on all the old TV shows such as Gilligan’s Island and the Beverly Hillbillies) , not a homicidal one, but I guess you could dress it up however you wanted once you bought it and brought it home, so you COULD choose to just be an attractive, yet uninteresting and ordinary gorilla, OR you could be Something Amazing That No One Will Ever Forget Even If You Don’t Win A Prize Or Anything!  Pull out your imagination this year and show ’em all what you GOT!  Here are a few ideas just to get your brainstorm churning: Ballerina Barbie Gorilla, G.I. Joe Gorilla, Harry Potter Gorilla, Nearly Headless Gorilla, Bride Gorilla, Classic Vampire Gorilla, simple Charlie Brown “Ghost made by draping an old white bed sheet over your head” Gorilla,  or even (this one’s my personal favorite) Gorilla dressed as a Sock Monkey! 


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