The Proper Grandma (a fambly newsletter)

Girty Dirls Unveil New Products and Online Shop

2012 is already being hailed as The Year of the Girty Dirls, thanks to entrepreneurs Mhandalynn and Rachaelazy.  Their webstore will offer a large variety of GIRTy Dirl products, ranging from simple keepsakes and greeting cards, posters and prints, to desktop Zen GIRT gardens, and edible treats such as CityKittyCatBark.

Also planned are several clothing lines.  The line of clothing for kids called is tentatively being called FUNkey Chicken Children.  The men’s clothing line will be Down and Girty.  Their lingerie line will be known as The Original FlirtyGirtyDirls.    Formal wear will be called Gown and Girty.

The pair is currently negotiating with an international cruise ship company for an Around the World with the Girty Dirls venture.

Visit their website and stores,  opening soon EVERYWHERE!


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